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Not only does our hotel offer wellness services to make your stay unforgettable, but we also strive to offer our guests a gastronomic experience - including a selection of local dishes - so that everyone can leave with a complex experience.

In the selection of food and wine, we have tried to ensure that our guests have the opportunity to taste local specialities. In addition, we also offer great favourites of the old days, delicacies from reform cuisine and a wide range of international flavours. Our half-board menu includes a rich buffet breakfast and buffet dinner, where everyone can find a dish to suit their tastes and habits. In line with the latest trends and expectations, the hotel is also prepared to cater for guests with special dietary requirements (please indicate this when booking). We also pay great attention to the professional use of the latest kitchen technology (sous-vide, confit) in the preparation of our traditional dishes.


A'la carte menu 

Buffalo mozzarella with cocktail tomatoes and ruccola
2 990 Ft
Smoked trout with broccoli cream and marinated radish
2 990 Ft
(sulphur-dioxide, lactose, fish)

Goulash soup of Szeged
2 490 Ft
Asparagus cream soup with ricotta filled ravioli
1 790 Ft
(lactose, egg, gluten)
Daily Ched soup
1 990 Ft

Duck breast (rosé or well done) with weet potato purée, grilled pak chio, and strawberry ragout
7 690 Ft

Beef cheeks with bacon and onion parmentier potatoes, and blanched asparagus        
6 190 Ft

Pork tenderloin with ratatouille, potato noodles, and poached egg
4 190 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Chicken breast with wild onion risottom shiitake mushrooms and hollandaise sauce                              
3 790 Ft
(lactose, egg)

Spinach pappardelle with cream
2 790 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose)

Daily Chef's special
4 490 Ft

Hamburger with steak potatoes and coleslaw salad
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Caesar's salad
3 290 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Hot cheese nuggets, fresh salad, avocado dip
3 190 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Fish and chips
3 390 Ft
(fish, egg, lactose, mustard)

Venison stwe with fried oniion potato dumplings
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Giant breaded pork chops with french fries and cabbage salad
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Vegetable 'chicken ragout' with glass noodles
3 590 Ft

Vegan nuggets with fried sweet potatoes and spicy sauce
3 890 Ft

Breaded chicken breast with fries and ketchup
2 290 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Breaded camembert, croquettes, cranberry jam
2 490 Ft
(gluten, lactose, egg)

Pasta with cheese and sour cream
1 890 Ft
(gluten, lactose, egg)

Panna cotta with mango sauce
1 890 Ft

Strawberry mousse with almond crumble and vanilla foam
1 890 Ft
(gluten, lactose, walnut)

Selection of local cheeses
2 990 Ft
(lactose, walnut)




Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom

The rich wine list, renewed every year, adds to the enjoyment of the meal, matching the quality of the food. Our wines are selected from the cellars of the most famous Hungarian wine regions (Villány, Szekszárd, Eger, Tokaj, Balaton Highlands, etc.) and from the dynamically developing vineyards of the lowland.  Thanks to the abundant sunshine, the Kunság and lowland wines are of excellent quality, light, fresh and harmonious in flavour.

Our 342 m2 restaurant not only serves half-board meals, but can also be used as a venue for events. Our wellness hotel offers a high quality, elegant dining option for corporate or family events. Our restaurant can accommodate 160-200 people depending on the layout.
Restaurant opening hours:

Breakfast is available from 7:00 to 10:00 am in our restaurant.

Dinner: from 18:00 to 21:00 in the hotel restaurant.


Regardless of the number of guests or the season, we always serve our guests the freshest produce, which is constantly coming to our kitchen not only from large-scale suppliers but also from local farmers. For example, our home-made cow cheeses and seasonal vegetables and fruit from small-scale producers in the Sandhills are always the freshest possible. From these products, we guarantee 2-3 egg dishes at every breakfast, several hot dishes, a rich cold buffet, fresh vegetables, fruits, homemade yoghurts, smoothies and a wide selection of bakery products, from which everyone can enjoy unlimited quantities to suit their taste. 


Our hotel's Atrium Snack Bar offers the opportunity to enjoy a light and cosy lunch or snack between the breakfast and dinner.


As with breakfast, we offer our guests a wide selection of dinner options to satisfy all tastes. There are two cold buffet counters where you can choose from a variety of delicious starters, salads and homemade pickles. Our hot dishes include soups, home-made dishes, a continuous presentation of Hungarian and international cuisine and a rich selection of delicacies. Our desserts are all made in our own workshop, and we offer at least 4-5 sweet delicacies a day to round off your meal.

At each meal we provide our guests with pictogram food name plates to help them understand the allergenic content of the food.


Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom

The cocktail bar is located on the ground floor, in the atrium of our hotel, where our guests can enjoy a selection of sparkling cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Our selection includes homemade and multi-flavour lemonades, made by our skilled staff using the latest bar technology.

Among other things, classic and trendy cocktails, freshly draughted ice-cold beer and coffee specialities make our guests' relaxation more enjoyable, not only in the bar, but also in the cocktail pool and the wellness area.

Our selection of drinks also includes the most popular and popular drinks and drink specialities in our country.

Grill Terrace

Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom

The Grill Terrace of our wellness hotel, open seasonally - and weather permitting - in the area of the St. Elisabeth Spa, offers a variety of freshly grilled dishes, ice creams, salads, refreshing drinks and coffee specialities.

Thanks to its excellent layout and location, our terrace is fully shaded, has smoking and non-smoking sections and is not adjacent to other catering establishments, making it a rather cultured and quiet island, even on the busiest and hottest days.

A real refreshment for the discerning holidaymaker.

Our Grill Terrace is open from 10:00 to 17:00 in the evenings (dining from 11:00 to 16:00).

Room service


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