Pools and saunas

Pools and saunas

Refresh in our wellness area


The unique feature of our hotel is that we have a direct connection with the Szent Erzsébet Spa, whose services are free of charge for our guests.

We have a private Spa & Wellness area with 6 swimming pools for the exclusive use of our hotel guests.

Our pools are designed to meet the needs of all water lovers, including an adventure pool, a cocktail pool and a whirlpool.

Opening hours of the wellness area:

Sunday - Wednesday 8:00 - 20:00
Thursday - Saturday 8:00 - 22:00

Spring pool maintenance

Dear Guests!

The mandatory spring pool maintenance will be carried out on the following dates. Please note the maintenance dates when booking.

Maintenance date Pool under maintenance
12-18.05.2023 Cocktail pool
16-19.05.2023 Cold and warm Kneipp pool


During the above maintenance periods, the services of the St. Elisabeth Spa pool will be uninterrupted.

Paddling pool

Pool for small children. The water is evenly deepened to 0-15 cm, making it suitable for children of climbing age.
Temperature: 32-34 °C
Water depth: 0-15 cm

Jakuzzi pool

The circular jacuzzi pool has an exceptionally high temperature. Back, waist and foot massage elements help you relax.

Temperature: 36-38 °C
Water depth: 90 cm

Adventure pool

The pool is equipped with a whirlpool bed, where two giant jets make bathing an experience.

Temperature: 33-35 °C
Water depth: 90 cm

Cocktail pool

A bar on one side of the pool with a champagne bench and bar stools in front of it, so you can enjoy the hotel's drinks menu while sitting in the water.

Temperature: 33-35 °C
Water depth: 90 cm

 Hot and cold Kneipp pool

The Kneipp pool cools and stabilises the circulatory system. The two pools with variable temperatures inhibit the formation of cavities.

Temperature: 18-20 °C; 34-36 °C
Water depth: 40-40 cm


Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom - Szauna világ

Beneficial heat

In addition to the aquatic experience, you can also enjoy the beneficial physiological effects of sauna bathing. In our sauna area you will find not only the classic Finnish sauna and the modern infrared sauna, but also salt and steam cabins.

Find out about our range of saunas and our suggestions for their use and effects!




Finnish sauna

When you take a sauna, the blood vessels dilate and constrict, increasing the body's resistance and helping detoxification. It is also good for the heart and blood circulation, while it leaves the skin velvety smooth. It has a calming effect on the brain, promoting deeper and more intense sleep.
Temperature: 80-85 °C

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna accelerates metabolic processes, limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and stimulates increased activity in healthy body parts and organs. The body's self-healing process is triggered and resistance is improved.

Temperature: 50-55 °C

Salt cabin and tepidarium

Salt therapy has a very beneficial effect on respiratory diseases, is also useful for healthy people, and increases stamina and endurance.

The heated benches help to relieve stress and regenerate the body. The tepidarium has both preventive and curative functions.

Temperature: 30-32 °C

Steam cabin

The steam room offers the atmosphere and air of Turkish baths, helping to relieve stress, relax muscles, regenerate and provide the organs with an ideal blood supply. It alleviates the symptoms of respiratory diseases, leaves skin velvety and hydrated, prevents the development of cellulite and boosts detoxification.

The use of the steam room stimulates the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system, increases heart rate without raising blood pressure.

Temperature: 45-50 °C

Sauna programmes are available at the Szent Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom at a price of 600 HUF/person/day.

Additional pools and saunas are available at the neighbouring Szent Erzsébet Spa.
For more information about the pools and saunas of the 5-star-rated Szent Erzsébet Spa, please click on the link below:


Szent Erzsébet Spa

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